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Writing a Better Biography

For new agents, writing a biography is what comes after getting a head shot. It’s one of the first things we’re told to do, but it’s tough. Most of us are not great writers and it is not often that we are called to tell our life history, let alone summarize it in three paragraphs. So, most people tend to write out their biography as if it were a resume in paragraph. It gets the job done, but leaves most bios feeling very stale and impersonal.

When I help agents write their bios, there are several things I help point out to help round out their message and make them feel more personal. Here are a few tips:

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How & Where to Market Property Websites Successfully

Property websites are a sophisticated tactic used to offer buyers a quick and easy way to look up more information about the property. With today’s marketing automation, creating and marketing property websites can be affordable or as elaborate and expensive as you want. Read on for practical tips on how to create property websites and tactical pointers on where to market them, digitally and in print.

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